The investigating leisure time spending of national universities students’ (Case study of Razi University and Bu-Ali Sina University)

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Todays, spending leisure time and planning for it, is one of the developing indexes’ in society. This study had done by the purpose of developing a model for students’ leisure time.
The purpose of this study was to investigate that how national university students' spend their leisure time with emphasis on sport and physical activity.
The research method was descriptive-survey and a researcher made questionnaire was used for collecting data. 638 students were selected as sample by multi-stage stratified sampling. The face validity and content validity of the researcher-made questionnaire were evaluated and confirmed through a polls from 12 professors, and reliability of the questionnaire was evaluated and confirmed by Cronbach's alpha test (0.86). Data were analyzed using U Mann-Whitney and Linear Regression tests.
The results showed that students had an average of 20.7 hours a week of leisure time and 2 hours and 34 minutes of that spending for sports activities. Sport was ranked fourth in terms of students’ leisure-time priorities and walking, bodybuilding, soccer, volleyball, running, swimming and futsal were respectively more favorite sports for students. Regression model showed that the amount of leisure time and welfare level didn’t had significant effect on satisfaction with leisure time. The duration of physical activity and the satisfaction with university facilities had positive effect, and the duration of using internet had a negative effect on the satisfaction with leisure time.
In general, sport doesn’t have a good place in students’ leisure time, and appropriate arrangements must be made to promote leisure time activities for students.