Future research of marine tourism development with an approach to using water sports in Kish Island

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1PhD in Geography and Urban Planning, Teacher of Applied Science University, Kish, Iran
2Assistant professor in sport management, sport sciences Faculty, University of applied & science and technology, Tehran, Iran
One of the most important factors in attracting domestic and international tourists today is the use of beach and seaside facilities. Among the economic activities, the coastal and marine tourism industry is one of the largest economic activities in the world which has become a multifunctional activity with its accelerated growth. The development of the tourism industry, its recreation and related sports, are among the factors contributing to the development of coastal areas and marine tourism have direct and indirect economic benefits to the host community. The purpose of this research is to investigate the future of marine tourism development with the approach of water sports tourism to the economic and social prosperity of Kish Island. The research method is descriptive-analytical and the research is purposeful, applied and exploratory. It has been done by Delphi method in two stages using library and field studies. The sample size of this study included 54 tourism officials and experts of the Kish Free Zone Organization and 100 sports specialists related to marine tourism (water resorts, sports center and marine affairs). To identify development drivers and key factors, at first 30 indicators were selected that showed more than 60 uncertainty, and then, by forming the panel of experts, 25 cases were identified as influential factors. MICMAC software was used to analyze the data. The research results indicate the instability status of variables in the system and after identifying the influential, bi-directional, independent and influential factors, three scenarios for marine tourism development status with water-sport tourism approach, based on the influential factors including efficient management in sport tourism. , Infrastructure and Attractions - Water Sports and Advertising and Marketing were written and MACTOR software was used to analyze the clusters of related businesses and their impact on water sports tourism development.