Identifying the underlying conditions affecting the development of public sport in Iran

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member of scientific board of Tehran University
Today, the motivation of people around the world is not to get high-speed sports and achieve the Olympic slogan (faster, higher and stronger), but to get health, wellness, vitality and social relationships and avoid illnesses, important causes of participating in the sport. On the other hand, increasing participation in public sport requires the presence of many factors, many of which come from the environment, and some of them depend on individual factors that require a change in behavioral approach to the subject of public sport. But to change the behavioral approach requires contextual conditions that can influence public sport development strategies. The purpose of this study was to identify the underlying conditions affecting the development of public sport in Iran. The research method was applied in terms of purpose and qualitative in terms of data collection. The statistical population consisted of executive and scientific elites in the field of sport for all. Which using a judgmental and snowball sampling and with 13 people that was reached with 13 people theoretical saturation. The research tool was interview. Interview validity was assessed at all stages of analysis and interview reliability was assessed using test-retest reliability. Data analysis was performed using theme analysis in two stages of open and axial coding. The results showed that the themes of the role of technology in life, government laws and policies, environment (environmental health), economic status, cultural beliefs, and individual beliefs as contexts influenced the development of universal sport. Therefore, it is suggested to the authorities to look for strategies that can be adapted to these conditions in the light of identified field conditions.