Analyzing and ranking of effective factors on e-business Sport organization
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Farhangian University
The purpose of this study aim to Analyzing and ranking of effective factors on sport organization. E-business has been one of the major topics in recent years that has attracted much attention in the field of ICT.
The statistical population consists of sport and information technology expert. In this applied research, library and field methods were used to identify factors and questionnaire tools were used.
After determining the validity (face and content) and reliability of 85.3, the research sample was provided. Internet preferences, perceived risks, willingness to shop online and customer satisfaction, intra-organizational, supportive, contextual, technological and environmental factors influencing the adoption of such business were identified as effective factors.
Finally in order to classify and rank identified indicators, the Expert Choice11 software based on AHP method was employed. The results showed that among the aforementioned factors, two factors within the Inside the organization and technology are the most important factors in accepting this business.