The relationship between adherence to physical activity with spiritual health in Farhangian University` students

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department of physical education of Farhangian University
Spiritual health as one of the dimensions of human health plays an important role in balancing the social life of every human being and its inclusion in society can promote social development. This is especially true in our society as a developing and developing society, so that on the one hand our society is a young population and this young population as the main capital for development requires attention to health. In particular, social health is spiritual and how it interacts with social networks. On the other hand, a young person who does not have sufficient mental and social well-being cannot cope with the challenges of social roles. Student teachers, because of the key, constructive and influential role they play in any country in the future, their actions, speech and behavior are under the lens and their every little move is not hidden from view. The spiritual health of student teachers is an important issue and they should strive to improve it, which requires planning by the officials of the Cultural University to improve the spiritual health of the student. Therefore the purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between adherences to physical activity with students' spiritual health in Isfahan Farhangian University. The research method was descriptive and correlation and according to the purpose of the research, it was practical. . The research method for collecting data is a field research by using a questionnaires. The validity and reliability of questionnaires was accepted by experts. To investigate the research questions, stratified sample was conducted by university and gender. The sampling method was randomize and according to classification the samples was selected. . The research society was Isfahan Farhangian University students in 2019. The sample size will be calculated based on the Cochran formula and 353 participate was selected. Statistical method was descriptive and statistical inferential method was regression (step by step method). The results showed that there was a significant relationship between adherences of physical activity with teacher student spiritual health. It affects the important role of happiness and physical activity, on spiritual health.