Presenting the Role Model of Employee Response to Occupational Insecurity on the Role of Self-Esteem Based on Organization and Job Adjustment of Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs Staff

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1Secretary of Physical Education Pardis County
2Coach of Physical Education of Mashhad
3Ph.D Student of Sport Management, Islamic Azad University, Karaj Branch
Having a job and job security has been one of the issues that has constantly plagued the human mind. One of the most important questions for business people is why the lack of job security occurs and why it has been growing. Occupational insecurity in the workplace is one of the important factors in decreasing productivity. One of the most important tools to perform tasks effectively in diverse and heterogeneous workforce environments is self-esteem and job adaptation. Promoting job adaptation helps us in challenging organizations to interact appropriately with people from different cultures.
Descriptive-correlational research Methodology The statistical population of the study consisted of employees of the Ministry of Sport and Youth who were selected by random sampling method using SPSS Sample Power software. Three questionnaires were used to collect the data: job insecurity by Chen and Ren (2008), self-esteem based on Pierce et al. (1989), job adaptation by Davis and Lafcoust (1991). Pearson correlation coefficient and structural equation model were also used to analyze the data.
The results showed that there is a significant negative relationship between job insecurity and organizational self-esteem. The results of the model also show that the effect of job insecurity coefficient on self-esteem is -0.75 and the coefficient of effect of job insecurity on job adjustment is -0.46.
The researcher believes that the experience of job insecurity affects their sense of self. Such perception in particular reduces self-esteem based on active employee organization The more job insecurity increases, the lower the self-esteem and job satisfaction of employees.