The loyalty model of football fans in social media

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Sport Management, Shahroud University, Talesh, Iran
Consumer of a brand is able to influence brands through social media, which is why the active relationship between consumers, brand and brand owners is important .consumers can be the source of unlimited brand loyalty for members of the brand; members of a sports club brand provide significant feedback for sport brand clubs; the emotional bond will bring community members into sharing. The brand's success is more enthralling. This research intends to examine the loyalty model of the football fans in the brand community of social media.
The research was conducted correlation-survey method, samples from fans of football clubs were selected in social media. To collect data, researcher-made questionnaire containing 45 items was used to analyze the data using the software of SEM.
In the variable path model, brand community with 0.394 on the maturity of the components of society, with 0.77 on the interaction between brand components, with 0.209 on value creation strategies, the variable of interaction between components of the brand community with 0,542 on the Communication maturity between the variable and the brand value creation strategies with a 0.776 on the Communication maturity and with 0.457 on loyalty and finally the brand maturity with 0,802 has a positive and significant effect on loyalty.
The active involvement of fans in the community, the increasing of interactions and the approach to communication maturity, along with informed management and the use of tools for increasing and creating value in the brand community of the fans of social clubs have been well confirmed.