The effect of eight weeks of morning exercise on Physical Fitness Factors in obesity elderly men

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1MSc Student, Sport Management, Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Azad Isfahan (Khorasgan), Isfahan, Iran
2Instructor of Imam Ali University
The aim of this study was to determine the effect of eight weeks of morning exercise on physical readiness Factors for Obesity Older Men. For this purpose, 30 person of elderly in Shahin Shahr city with average age of 69.70 ± 4.73, height 0.061± 173 cm, weight 83.06 ± 3.83 kg were randomly selected. Exercise was performed in the morning for 8 weeks. Physical characteristics such as height, weight and body mass index were measured using relevant methods. Before starting the training programs, one step was taken to measure the factors related to physical fitness, and 24 hours after the end of the second phase of the training program, these factors were evaluated. Paired t-test was used for data analysis. The results showed that eight weeks of training on aerobic power with significant level of 0.00, muscular strength with significant level of 0.002, muscular endurance with significant level of 0.003, flexibility and physical composition with significant level of 0.01 and0 /001 It has a positive and significant effect and increases muscle strength and endurance and flexibility.
8 weeks exercise in the morning exercise increases muscle strength and endurance and also increases flexibility and body mass to the standard level. In general, obesity in this group of elderly person has been shown to be largely the result of their inactivity. So long-term morning exercise has a great role in the health of the elderly.