Identifying the effective factors on the values and principles of Razavi brand in the field of social assets (case study: Iranian professional football leagues enjoying a lot of supporters)

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1PhD in Sociology of Sport, Department of Sociology of Sport, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
2PhD in Sports management, Assistant Professor, Physical Education and Sport Sciences Research Institute, Tehran, Iran
In today's world, championship and professional sports require new ethics . Razavi brand is a moral brand aiming to enhance new moral and ethical behavior in sport championships in order to analyze and rate moral sportive principles based on Razavi teachings and guidelines elicited from Islamic values and its cultural aspects. For this reason, we strive to assign moral values to Razavi brand in order to introduce a specialized added value to this brand in all football championships held throughout Iran. Considering this background, we aim to identify all indicators effective on Razavi brand based on moral principles.
For this very purpose, we applied targeted sampling using Morgan diagram asking questions from 150 people all expert in the field of morality and sports. After approving the content quotes using sustainable means for eliciting data, alpha cronbach method α=0/89 was confirmed denoting on the fluidity of the research.
Applying Partial least squares regression using smart PLS software illustrated that cultural )t=3.10 ,β=0.107( , and social capital)t =5.38 ,β=0.075( and social support) t=5.41 ,β=0.550( have all tremendous effect on Razavi brand in the field of fairplay and sportsmanship and pahlavani behavior.
Focusing on the moral values, consequentialist ethics is a deconstructive approach to the ethics in sport championships. In the present study, the role of discourse ethics is to make consequentialist ethics in line with the components of virtue ethics. Thus, discourse ethics in the sport championships should be viewed as a solution to avoiding one-dimensional society emerged from the domination of capitalism.