Reflexology Massage Affects on women with multiple sclerosis Balance
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Much research has been conducted to investigate how different exercise impacts people with Multiple Sclerosis balance. This study examined how reflexology massage influenced women with Multiple Sclerosis balance.
Sixteen women with Multiple Sclerosis that they referred to Iranian Multiple Sclerosis society (age 30±10) participated in this study. Participants were randomly divided into exercise and control groups. To assess the balance of participants in the pre-test and post-test, the functional balance test of Berg test was used. Then participants in the experimental group take reflexology massage with a focus on balance points in the body for 8 sessions. Each session concludes 20 minutes. The control group continued its daily activities.
Analysis showed a significant effect of reflexology massage on the balance (p<0.05). The results showed that in the training group, the meantime of balance increased in the post-test. Also, the balance of training group was better than the control group. There is no difference between the control group performance in the pretest and posttest phases (P>0.05).
The results revealed that eight sessions of reflexology massages improved balance in Multiple Sclerosis subjects. The reason for the improvement in the balance after this training seems to be due to an increase in the recall of motor units, the activation of new motor units as well as a reduction in muscle tension. Therefore, for complementary programs in the treatment session of Multiple Sclerosis patients, reflexology massages could be useful to enhance the balance of the patients.