Introducing the development model of moral principles in sports championships in Iran by applying meta-synthesis method

Oral Presentation
Paper ID : 1681-12THCONG
1PhD in Sociology of Sport, Department of Sociology of Sport, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
2PhD in Sports management, Assistant Professor, Physical Education and Sport Sciences Research Institute, Tehran, Iran
In today's world, championship and professional sports require new ethics, in order to provide a basis for assessing and evaluating sports behaviors. Nowadays, introducing the development model of moral principles in sports championships has got paramount importance in public training and professional sports activities and it has acquired some cultural aspects as well and for this very reason this research is to design a proper pattern compatible with our moral principles and championships in Iran.
In the first phase of my research, I have used meta-synthesis method covering Sandelowski and Barso methods(2007). After identifying the concepts and development codes of moral values and analyzing the current and final concepts, the primary model of my research was formed. In our survey, we enjoyed expert counseling and then analyzed the relative coefficient and CVR-CVI in order to establish a model for moral principles in sports.
Research findings show that all the dimensions and extracted criteria taken from meta-synthesis method are truly approved by experts in the field.In conclusion, this current research includes 3 dimensions, 10 components and 31 indicators that could all glorify the development pattern of moral principles in Iranian sports championships.
Research findings show that as three behavioral (personal), interpersonal (interactional and intrapersonal), and structural (organizational and national) categories. all 3 dimensions including a. Values of individual moral behavior b. Individual and social moral values c. Professional and constructive moral values have all a great role in Iran sports championships. Hence decision makers of the national culture and sport can apply the developed model in their future plans to promote the ethical values of the society.