The Relationship between Managers' Leadership Style and Employee Performance with the Mediating Role of Organizational Culture and Motivation of Mashhad Education and Training Staff
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1Secretary of Physical Education of Mashhad
2Secretary of Physical Education Pardis County
The purpose of this study was to determine the impact and role of independent variables, namely organizational culture leadership style and employee motivation on employee performance. In addition, the purpose of this experiment is to determine the role of organizational culture and employee motivation as a mediating variable of leadership style related to employee performance. Leadership style or behavior is the techniques used by the managers of the organization to influence and direct the activities of the employees of the organization. Therefore, the role of leadership style adopted by managers on organizational performance of employees and components of employee motivation and performance cannot be ignored.
Descriptive-correlational research method The statistical population of the study consisted of teaching and research staff in Mashhad who were selected by random sampling method using SPSS Sample Power. Four questionnaires of leadership style of Hershey and Blanchard (1986), staff performance of Hershey and Goldsmith (1981), Denison organizational culture (2000), and Hackman & Oldham (1980) job motivation were used to collect data. Pearson correlation coefficient and structural equation model were also used for data analysis.
There are three variables that have a significant effect on employee performance. These variables include leadership style, organizational culture and employee motivation. Leadership style has significant effects on corporate culture and employee motivation. Organizational culture also has a significant effect on employee motivation. Organizational culture and employee motivation serve as mediating variables regarding the effect of leadership style on employee performance. The mediating role is the partial mediating role.
The results of this study indicate that managers by adopting appropriate leadership styles can play a major role in improving employee performance as well as enhancing organizational culture and motivation of employees. But it does not improve employees' performance through the variable of employee motivation, which is largely influenced by the personality and environmental characteristics of the organization.