The relationship of Azadi stadium atmosphere, satisfaction, and loyalty

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1Assistant Professor, Department of Sport Management, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Shahid Rajaei Teacher Training University, Tehran, Iran
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Of all the sports, football is one of the most popular sports in different societies. Today and in the future, one of those benefiting from sport and sport managers will be you maintain social interest toward sport and sportive activities. The most basic way of being able to maintain this interest is to be able to meet the expectations and needs of sport consumer, because it is known that the tendency of consumer, whose expectations and needs are met at the high level, to become loyal increases and that the increasing loyalty also affects the purchases in the future period and, depending on this, that interest toward sport centers.
The aim of this study is to measure the relationship of atmosphere, satisfaction, and loyalty the customers, who were present in Azadi stadium.
The research method is descriptive and correlation. The statistical population of the study consisted of spectators at Azadi stadium, 384 of who were selected as sample. The sampling method was purposeful and available. In this study, “Personal Information Form”, “Perceived Loyalty and Satisfaction Scale”, and sport stadium atmosphere (SSA) were utilized.
In the analysis of data, correlation and regression analysis was used for examining the relationships between the variables and explanatory factor analysis for Azadi stadium. As a result of the analyses, it was identified that Azadi stadium atmosphere affected customer satisfaction and, satisfaction, customer loyalty.
Sports marketers should understand that Sports Stadium Atmosphere is composed of stimuli caused by organizer stimuli caused by spectators, and stimuli caused by the game action and Exciting and vibrant sport stadium atmosphere must be created that motivates the fans to become excited and engaged at the sports event. The most important way to create loyal fans is to make sure fans are satisfied with the game experience.