The effect of limit of stability exercise on selected gait kinematic factors and quality of life in active elderly women
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1Msc of corrective exercise and sport pathology in physical education faculty of Karaj Azad university
2Associate professor of corrective exercise and sport pathology in physical education faculty of Karaj Azad university
Aging is a natural process, inevitable and irreversible. Aging associates with physical illness, loneliness, depression and dependence on others. Balance deficient and its subsequence’s like falling is one this problems
The study population included 100 women 88-61 years old who were chosen for sampling from Muhammad Shahr Kahrizak nursing home. Of these people, 40 patients were eligible for the study that was randomly selected. Intervention group, received limit of stability exercise for 8 weeks The control group didn’t any kind exercises.
The age range of participants is 88-61 years, height range was 160 to 139.5 cm and weight range was 88-48 kg. Statistical data collected by independent t-test and paired t. To ensure normality of data, Kolmogorov-Smirnov test was done at the significant level p=0.050.
The results showed that limit of exercise stability could increase the right and left stride length. Increase the right stride left, step right and left to increase the length of each stride had happened. Life quality Variable, speed stride, cadence stride, stance time and swing time also significantly increased in the experimental group. But the level of increasing was not significant compared to the control group.
balance training significantly improves limit of stability during the turbulence of the left and right stride by step and in the elderly. This practice improve the quality of life, right and left speed stride and the right and left cadence stride in the elderly women although the difference was not significant factors in the two groups, but small changes can also improve the quality of stepping elderly that could be considered.