The effects of a 10–week regular physical activity program on blood high–density lipoprotein levels and anthropometric indices in adult male smokers

Poster Presentation
Paper ID : 1633-12THCONG
Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Parand Branch, Islamic Azad University, Parand, Tehran, Iran
Smoking harms many organs of the body that reduces the health of smokers overall. Smoking is the main reason for preventable deaths in Iran, accounting for almost 60,000 deaths per year. Blood high–density lipoprotein levels (HDL) are a reliable indicator of important diseases and can be improved via regular exercise.
The purpose of the current study was to investigate the effects of 10 weeks of regular physical activity program on HDL and anthropometric indices in adult male smokers.
Thirty–six male smokers (mean±SD; 41.2±2.4 years; 174.8±2.1 cm; 93.7±4.0 kg; 30.6±1.2 %fat; 30.7±1.3 kg.m2) who consume at least 10 cigarettes per day more than 5 years participated in this study. After an anthropometric measurement and an 8–mL–blood–sampling they were randomly divided into two groups of control and experimental. Only the experimental group participated in the regular physical activity program that was consisted of three training sessions per week for 10 weeks at 60–80 % of the heart rate. After the exercise program, the anthropometric indices were measured as well as the last blood sampling was drawn after the test.
The anthropometric indices were reduced after the exercise program (p<0.001). Additionally, the HDL was increased after the exercise program (p<0.05).
It was concluded that HDL and anthropometric indices were improved by regular exercise indicating that these types of training can play an important role in lifestyle improvement in smokers. The current data highlight the importance of regular physical activity for smokers who have not participated in any training yet. This information can be used to develop targeted interventions aimed at lifestyle improvement in tobacco consumers.