The effect of selected sport games in leisure time on mental skills among women with chronic mental illness

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1Imam Reza International University, Sport science Department
2Imam Reza International University, Sport science department
3MSc, Imam Reza International University
Nowadays, there are a large number of chronic psychiatric patients at the community whose financial costs and devastating effects on their families and society are very severe. Therefore, it is crucial to prevent these people from becoming disabled and overwhelmed in the society.
The aim of the present study is to investigate selected sport games and their effect on mental skills among women with chronic mental illness.
This investigation is of a semi-experimental nature and the population consists of among women with chronic mental illness with ages between 20 and 30, who are being maintained in Atef mental health and rehabilitation center in 2017. The samples are a total number of participants which is 46. Samples are divided into two groups of control and experimental. Tools of this investigation include a demographic survey and Kentucky mental skills (KIMS) questionnaire. At the pre-test stage both groups completed the questionnaires. The experimental group played the selected sport games in a duration of 8 weeks, and 3 days per week, for 60 minutes per session. The control group continued their everyday life. Then both groups completed the questionnaires again. To analyze the data, SPSS version 2.2 was used.
The findings of this study suggest that in the post test, the mental skills have increased in the experimental group. Although there is a significant difference between control and experimental group in terms of their mental skills, this deference is not significant in describing and physical symptoms components.
The results indicate that playing these games in leisure time by chronic mental patients helps improve their mental skills and it is highly recommended that such selected sport games are included in their leisure time schedule.