The effect of unilateral cauliflower ear on the degree of torticollis and scoliosis in elite freestyle wrestlers
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1Sport injury and corrective exercises Ph.D, University of Tehran.
2(Ph.D.) University Of Shahid Bahonar Kerman
3Department of Sport Sciences, Kish International Campus, University of Tehran, Kish, Iran.
Cauliflower ear can cause hearing loss and can cause Torticollis and also affects the lower segment, causing scoliosis. Wrestling is one of the exercises that the athlete performs during extended periods of time that can cause changes in posture and muscle strength of the athlete's trunk. Changes in spine arches are one of the most common postural abnormalities in elite athletes, and these postural aberrations are due to intense exercise programs or physical fitness for that particular sport. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of unilateral cauliflower ear on the degree of Torticollis and scoliosis in elite freestyle wrestlers.
This study was a descriptive-analytic one. Subjects were 75 elite freestyle wrestlers aged 20-35 years with a mean sports experience of 11.92 +_ 4.96 years. To evaluate the Torticollis degree of the Photogrammetric Method with Japan's Current Camera Model (Canon EOS 1200D) and with use of Corel DRAW X6 software and for evaluate the Scoliosis degree of Scoliometer was used. Data were analyzed by Mann-Whitney test using SPSS 19 software.
There was a significant difference in Torticollis deviation to side cauliflower and scoliosis deviation an opposite (healthy ear).
Since Torticollis creates an uneven shoulder on the opposite side, Scoliosis is caused on the opposite side. Regarding the prevalence of Torticollis in rabbits and Scoliosis, it is necessary to emphasize the evaluation and prevention of Scoliosis in the development of training program for this sport, especially those with neck disorders. Therefore, Torticollis and Scoliosis corrective exercises can be used to prevent complications in wrestler.