Design and production of intelligent knee sleeve (to provide feedback on knee flexion angle for injury prevention programs)

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1Ph.D, Dept. of Physical Education, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science, University of Guilan, Rasht
2Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Education, Faculty of Humanities, Islamic Azad University of Rasht
Depending on the type of application, smart textiles have special capabilities such as controlling one's physical condition and health, as well as recording and sending vital signs of the body. In sports activities, smart clothing is able to monitor the amount and type of athlete's activity, speed of movement as well as control and reporting of joint movements. The use of these smart textiles can improve athletic performance by correcting movements and thereby preventing or reducing sports injuries. In this regard, the use of a smart knee sleeve can be a useful tool to assist in lower risk performance and prevent the athlete from putting his or her knee joint at risk. In this project, the researcher intends to take the first step in making this knee sleeve. The first step is to build a knee sleeve that can receive feedback from the knee flexion angle. For this purpose, the smart knee sleeve is designed from three components of signal processor, length sensitive textile and information processing software. Analog data obtained from a non-wavelength sensitive signal processor is converted to digital data and connected to the router via wireless chip and received via WiFi. The TCP Telnet Terminal application installed on the mobile phone is also used to view the data. In order to check the numbers recorded by the knee, the smart fabric was first rested and stretched and the numbers recorded. Then the speed of pulling and turning of the fabric was evaluated and at the end, the knees were positioned at different angles and the numbers recorded.