The combined effect of trachyspermum and jump rope exercise on obesity and some risk factors ( cardiovascular disease ) in obese boys students aged between 10 to 15 years

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1MSc Student
2Member of Scientific Board, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences Shahrood University of Technology
Being overweight in childhood and adolescent childhood can provide the predisposition to metabolic syndrome in adulthood, using sports exercises and proper nutrition can moderate the obesity of adolescents and make good living conditions for them in adulthood .
The study is a clinical trial on obese patients with a lower waist size than the 90 (standard Iranian children), which is considered abdominal obesity, and the age range between 10 and 15 years.they was carried out betweenthe primary and secondary schools of shahroud city . were randomly selected from the top , center and downtown of the city . The selection procedure is (random cluster) combination were monitored in four categories, 1. The supplement and exercise, 2 - exercise, 3 - supplement, and 4 - control were put into control .
The number of 60 people and the duration of the study were considered to be eight weeks . Scale measurement, waist measurement and abdomen . And blood letting to specify the level of ( LDL) (HDL) colestrol – triglyceride And fasting blood sugar . Before and then it was taken from the test. Analysis of data by means of one - way variance statistic.(ANOVA)- Non - parametric tests and the pursuit test (LSD) . in order to determine the averages of averages.
Conclusions: at the end of the study, significant differences in supplementary and supplementary groups were observed in all blood factors and around the abdomen relative to the control group and compared to before the study. But in the training group changes in triglyceride were not significant .