Evaluating the Role of the Media in Encouraging the Participation of Private Sector in Sports

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1PH. D student of Sport Management in University of Mazandaran, Babolsar, Mazandaran, Iran
2Associate professor of Sport Management, Faculty of physical education and sport sciences. University of Mazandaran, Babolsar, Mazandaran, Iran.
3Professor of Sport Management, Faculty of physical education and sport sciences. University of Mazandaran, Babolsar, Mazandaran, Iran
This study aimed to evaluate the media's role in encouraging the participation of private sector in sports. The research method was qualitative, and the statistical population composed of people familiar with social media, print media, and the discussion of participation of public and private sectors in sport, which included academics and professors and executives from the fields of sports and media. The sampling method was as non-random purposive and convenience sampling that continued until reaching the theoretical saturation stage. The data gathering tools were background study and semi-structured in-person or telephone interview of conceptual interview type. 20 interviews were conducted and open coding was done. The validity of this study was confirmed by interviewees and 10 expert professors. Using the method of studying the audit of process results, the reliability of the test was obtained to be 0.81. The extracted items were provided to the Delphi group composed of 13 experts for theoretical consensus (selected from the interview group) in two rounds. The theoretical consensus criterion was the 70% agreement of the expert opinions on each item. The results indicated that the role of the media included promoting social perceptions, generating mental security, creating an understandable pattern in society, stimulating thoughts and a sense of participation in people, instilling positive thinking towards private sector activities, approaching the society to the private sector, informing and transparency of public opinion, discourse making, training participation methods, stimulating social responsibility of the private sector. Hence, given the importance of the media role in encouraging private sector participation in sports, it is suggested to carry out comparative studies for benefiting from the experiences of successful countries in this field. As well as, an increase in the interaction of the media, government, and the private sector could be helped with the creation of private networks.