Development and validation of a questionnaire on attitude to sport technologies

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1Assisstant professor in sport science research institute. Tehran. Iran
2Master student in shahid rajaei university.Tehran.Iran
3assisstant professor in shahid rajaei university. Tehran. Iran
Today, advances in various technologies have led to the production of technology-based sports products that encompass different target markets. The purpose of this study was to develop a questionnaire for measuring attitude towards sport technology. The statistical population of this study was physical education students in Tehran who were selected from 5 universities in a simple cluster sampling method. The number of samples was calculated by Cochran formula (N=300) and 234 completed questionnaires were analyzed. The sampling method at each university was simple random. Questionnaire items were extracted from five interviews with physical education professors and literature and research backgrounds. The face and content validity of the research was confirmed by a survey of ten experts. Finally, from 13-item questionnaire, ten questions were approved. Descriptive statistics including mean, frequency and graph were used for data analysis and inferential statistics including exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis using SPSS 22 and Amos 18 software. The results showed that the Kaiser Meyer-Alkin test coefficient was 0.901 and higher than 0.7 which showed a good correlation between the data for factor analysis and the significance level of Bartlett test 0.001 which indicated the adequacy of the samples. Exploratory factor analysis with varimax rotation identified two general variables for the questionnaire that were named after the research team as the desire for sport technology and learning sport technology. Suggestions for this study are to consider a variety of programs to familiarize students with sports technologies, including providing a course with this title and providing educational clips on technology.