Developing a Model of Social Functions of Sport
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1Sport Science Research Institute
2Jahrom University
3University of Tehran
A review of previous studies illustrates the role and importance of sport and physical education in the social development of individuals, communities, and countries. Given the vastness of the findings of these studies, it is essential to study and identify areas of study in order to provide a general insight into the specific cultural, social, religious, and status characteristics of each country. In this regard, the present study investigates the studies on the role of sport on the social promotion of society and identifies the research areas in this field and presents their most important findings in this field.
In order to identify the social functions of sport in the community, first the theoretical foundations and previous studies in the field were discussed. Initially, by searching the various databases, 169 articles on sustainable development in sport were found and after studying the titles of these articles, 133 articles were selected and their abstract was studied, of which 112 were selected and Finally, by studying the text of the articles, 91 articles were selected that focused on the role of sport in society and extracted concepts and categories related to the social functions of sport through content analysis.
According to the research findings, 25 functions were identified for social promotion through sport. Social participation, national identity, social capital, reducing Social impact of migration, Social networking, reducing anti-social crime and behaviors, enriching leisure, empowering people, eliminating social discrimination, helping eradicate poverty and increasing peace and friendship were the most important social functions of sport in these studies.
In sum, the founded dimensions in this study can be used as a guiding framework for planning and policy making of macro studies in the field of social development. On the other hand, officials can also be considered operational in the implementation of social programs through sport.