Consequences of Changing the Law Nature of the National Olympic Committee and Sports Federations in Iran

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Introduction: According to Iran's macro policies, government downsizing and the activation of the private sector in all area, including sport, is a necessity. Thus, in this article, the positive and negative effects of changing the legal nature of the national Olympic committee and the Sport Federations were studying and it's most important points highlighted.
Methodology: This article is a review study using search engines in scientific databases such as Wiley, Elsevier, Google scholar as well as Google's general search engine using keywords such as changing the legal nature in sports, privatization in sport, sports law of the Olympic charter, and non-governmental organizations in sport. Relevant documents published from 2000 to 2019, including articles, books and web pages, were selected and reviewed. Finally, the results are presented after generalization and coding.
Results: According to the research findings, the most significant positive effects of changing the legal nature of the NOC and NFs in Iran include reducing government and policy involvement in sport, financial independence, satisfaction of IOC and international federations, more accountability, lower government spending, careful observance of the Olympic charter, more adaptation to international sports structures and increased creativity and social participation. Negative consequences can include problems with income such as broadcasting rights, weakness in the unity of sport commands, the possibility of forming informal groups, and a decrease in monitoring and evaluation systems.
Conclusion: Looking at the macro laws and documents, it must be acknowledged that moving towards becoming a nongovernmental organization is an undeniable task for sport organization in Iran. But for that to happen, preconditions must be provided. In other words, the threats and negative impacts mentioned in this report should be addressed and eliminated so as to maximize the opportunities and positive points expressed.