Relationship between organizational climate and job motivation with staff participation in decision making Managers of Ardebil Province Sport and Youth Offices

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1Sport Management, Azad University of Karaj Branch
2Executive Management of Ardebil Azad University
The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between organizational climate and job motivation with participation rate in decision making of managers of sport and youth departments in Ardabil province. The research method in this study is descriptive-correlational in terms of data collection and the relationship between variables and in terms of research goals is applied type which is implemented by field method. The statistical population of this study includes all the staff of Ardebil province's youth and youth sport departments. According to the statistics, 98 people out of which 73 were men and 25 were women. In this research, in order to increase the generalization capability, the entire population under study was selected as a whole sample. For gathering information on organizational climate from the standardized questionnaire (OCDQ) of Halpin and Craft (r = 0.84) and to determine job motivation factors from the job expectation questionnaire of RN Lazir with (87.8) 0r =) was calculated and determined. Chi-square statistical analysis showed that there was a positive and significant relationship between the components of (organizational and job motivation and participation in decision making) (p <0.05). Based on the results, there was a positive and significant relationship between participation in decision making and job motivation. In other words, it can be said that benefiting from the participation and involvement of employees in the decision-making process has led to a sense of satisfaction and morale, and ultimately to increased efficiency, which may have contributed to the promotion of employees' job motivation. is suggested that Ardabil Provincial Directorate of Sport and Youth General Directorate take into consideration all components of organizational climate and job motivation and try to improve all of these factors in order to have positive effects of this process on the performance of force. To be human and organized.