The Impact of Hosting World Volleyball League Tournament on Urban Management Indicators in Ardabil

Poster Presentation
Paper ID : 1576-12THCONG
1Sport Management, Azad University of Karaj Branch
2Executive Management of Ardebil Azad University
This study aimed to investigate the impact of hosting the World Volleyball League on urban development. Regarding the subject of the study, the present research is a descriptive-analytic one and its purpose is a field application. The statistical population of this study was all those who were somehow associated with hosting sporting events, sport tourism and urban development including sport management specialists, experts from the General Directorate of Sport and Youth of the province, urban development experts from Ardebil Municipality and the Directorate General for Cultural Heritage, Tourism and crafts . The statistical population was estimated to be 500 people and 260 people were selected as the statistical sample through the J Power software. The research instrument was a researcher-made questionnaire. The questionnaire consisted of seven questions for collecting the descriptive information of the samples, the second part consisted of 11 factors for hosting sport events and 105 items, the third part consisted of 4 factors of urban development and 28 items and the last part consisted of six factors affecting tourism development and 30 items. The Likert five-point range questionnaire scale was used to evaluate the options. Inferential statistics - Kolmogorov-Smirnov test and multivariate regression were used for data analysis. Multivariate regression results showed that hosting sport events is a predictive variable for urban development; therefore , hosting major sporting events in the province can lead to the creation of coherent organizational structures, financing, development of infrastructure required for urban development, and Assist urban management in achieving sustainable urban development.