Identification of Effective Factors on Improving the Competence of Sports Managers
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1Instructor of Shiraz Farhangian University
2Department of Physical Education, Islamic Azad University, Arsanjam Branch, Arsanjan, Iran
3Shiraz Farhangian University, Salman Farsi Branch
In all organizations, the most important element for achieving effective goals is management. As the official representative of the organization, it is at the forefront of coordination and effectiveness, and the success of the organization in achieving its goals depends on how its management is implemented. The purpose of this study was to identify the effective factors on improving the competency of sports managers.
The statistical population included all sports managers in Fars province in 2019. Sampling was simple random sampling. Fars province was selected from 8 cities (Kharameh, Arsanjan, Shiraz, Marvdasht, Pasargad, Safashahr, Zarghan and Dehbid). Then, 40 managers were selected and tested. A questionnaire was used to collect data on effective factors on improving the competency of sport managers. Validity of the questionnaires was verified using content validity and reliability through Cronbach's alpha. Descriptive statistics (mean, ....) and inferential statistics (Structural Equation Modeling Model (SEM) by path analysis method were used to analyze the data using smart PLS software version 3).
The results showed that, based on the results of confirmatory factor analysis, there is a significant positive correlation between each factor and the competency variable of sports managers. In response to the first sub-question, the factors influencing popularity, factor of problem-solving skills, management skill factor, service agent, and factor of constructive relationships were the most effective. In response to the second sub-question, in terms of ranking, respectively, popularity, problem-solving skills, and management skills have been shown to have the greatest effect on improving the competence of managers, and other factors have had the least effect on improving the competency of sports managers.
According to the findings, effective factors were identified that among the factors, such as popularity, problem solving and managerial skills played the most role in managers' competence, Managers should therefore use these factors to improve their competence.