Determining the Factors Influencing the Environmental Level of the Sport for All Program for the Iranian State Universities

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Sahand University of Technology
Academic sport, as a part of the process of educational sport, seeks to put all the people related to the academy in entertainment and healthy competition conditions through providing the sufficient requirements and creating proper environments and opportunities and run programs for the development of their body and soul at the same time. The current study is aimed at investigating and explaining the model of developing a Sport for All program for the Iranian state universities. Regarding its nature and content, the study is a descriptive and survey one. The population includes all the faculty and employees in the Physical Education schools of Iranian state universities whose number equals 450 people. Using Morgan’s table, 219 people were selected for the sample. For data collection, a 100-item questionnaire was used that had been prepared by the researcher and was based on a 5-point Likert scale. The Pearson correlation, One-sample t-test, Freidman test, and a second-order confirmatory factor analysis were applied for the purpose of data analysis. Findings revealed that the environmental factors play a significant role in the model of developing a Sport for All program for the Iranian state universities. It was observed that the environmental level was able to account for the model of developing a sport for all program for the Iranian state universities. In addition, these levels themselves were accounted for by other factors and components in the model. Finally, the results indicate that the environmental level is an effective variable in the model.