The relationship between social anxiety and physical activity in Teenage girls
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1Motor Behavior, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Tabriz University, Tabriz, Iran
2motor behavior department, university of tabriz
the reference to social anxiety disorder or social phobia is a manifest and constant fear of social or functional situations and arises from the belief that one will behave in such a shameful or humiliating manner. In general, anxiety is a fundamental emotion in humans and never disappears. There are many factors that can influence and reduce social anxiety. One of these factors is physical activity. Physical activity Any physical activity including exercise homework etc. is defined by the musculoskeletal system and requires energy. Unfortunately, participation in sports and physical activity decreases during adolescence while adolescent girls' physical activity is significantly lower than adolescent boys.
The research method was correlational in which 120 girl participants of the present study were randomly selected from high school student in Tabriz city. Participants completed research questionnaire package including social anxiety test (by connor and et al, 2000) and physical activity questionnaire for adolescent. Data were analyzed by pears on correlation coefficient
After collecting the questionnaires, the results showed that there was not significant relationship between the components of social anxiety and physical activity. Therefore, it can be concluded that physical activity in adolescent girls can reduce their social anxiety.
Social anxiety is a psychological variable and because it is rooted in the judgments of others and society it is also considered as a sociological variable and therefore the society in which the individual lives affects the evaluation. People with social anxiety disorders are afraid of being checked and evaluated in social situations and may be embarrassed. Exercise by preventing many diseases increases the level of health and reduces the risk of some chronic diseases and increases the life satisfaction. Participation in regular exercise programs can reduce social anxiety. Therefore, the social and group nature of some sports may discourage people with social anxiety but regular exercise can have a therapeutic effect and a good motivation. To participate in sports classes.