Sport; a prism of reflection of politics, sustainable development and empowerment of women

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1sociology,literature,university of Isfahan,Isfahan,Iran
2sociology,literture,university of Isfahan,Isfahan,Iran.
3Assistant Professor in Sport Management,faculty of physical education, University of Isfahan, Iran
Today, in this modern era, communication of politic and social organization are tightly becoming tangled with each other . Sport has the ability to shed light on many other aspects of society such as education, the media, health, the economy, politics and family . Having a great effect, it's not just for pleasure. Otherwise, it's a stimulus element leading to sustainable development. In a sustainable development process sport is an effective factor which can improve women and environment condition together. Women usually become active when health and welfare of their children and society would be affected by environmental problems .If this activity go along with exercise, the results will be great.

This study aimed to consider the mutual relationship between sport and politics making rules about empowerment of society, gain health, development of justice in social environment focusing on sport to accomplish the goals of sustainable development document.

In this study the exploratory _ analytic approach used, along with analyzing the documents.E-sources has gathered information to get its goals.

The results showed that women in the pursuit of eco-feminist goals are able to establish and advance sustainable development regarding to be part of environmental activists and peace accelerators. Sport can make change in inter- human to intra -human approach, such a change is an important one to gain sustainable development environmental culture which leads to sustainable social justice. Policy makers believe that sport has a great role in construction of safe society and executing of preventive health plans.