Comparing of Kinematic Properties of Gait Initiation of Active Women on Different Floor Coverings

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1Lecturer/ Paiamenoor University
2Professor/Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran
3Associate Professor/University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, Tehran, Iran
4Asistant Professor/Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran
Each kind of floor coverings has different properties the same as stiffness, friction, shock absorption capability, vertical deformation resistance to rolling loads and resistance to erosion. It is expected, floors play significant role in biomechanical properties of movement. Aim: The aim of this study is investigating of effects of different floor coverings on kinematic properties of gait initiation in young active women. For kinematic data collection, the motion of participants was tracked by eight-camera motion analysis system, 200Hz (Qualisys Sweden), using reflective markers attached to the lower limbs. At first one of the floor coverings was placed on the walkway. After calibration of the system subjects were asked to stand up with feet a comfortable self-selected width apart at the start determined place on walkway and begin to walk on their own decision along the walkway on their preferred speed. In the next parts of test, the floor covering was changed. Magnitude of first step width, first step length, lateral deviation of forefoot, step speed, the time of an step and also each step phase across gait initiation on four surfaces for leading leg compared by using of repeated measure ANOVA. The longest steps were found on granolith floor covering and the shortest ones were found on artificial turf. The widest steps were found on hard floor and the least ones were found on PVC floor covering. The longest step times were found on artificial turf and the shortest ones were found on PVC floor covering. The fastest steps were found on granolith floor covering and the slowest ones were found on PVC floor covering. Kinematics characteristics of gait initiation on different floor covering are not the same, and facing new floor covering operate as a serious perturbation. Floor covering should be selected according to the necessary properties of target movements. It is suggested to plan for training and rehabilitation activity on the same surface as the real game court.
Keywords: Kinematics, Gait Initiation, Floor Covering