A Study of Physical Activity Course on the Employee / Organizational Relationships of Female Physicians in Shiraz

Poster Presentation
Paper ID : 1496-12THCONG
1sport management/physical education/Islamic Azad University of Shiraz Branch/iran
2Ph.D, Sport Managment. Tehran University International Campus, Kish,Iran.
The purpose of the present study was to investigate a course of physical activity on employee / organizational relationships of female physicians in Shiraz.
In this quasi-experimental study, 20 female general practitioners referred to Shiraz Guard Sports Club were selected as the statistical sample and were divided into two training and control groups. The training group performed resistance training for eight weeks and three sessions per week; the control group performed only their daily activities during this period. Before workout and 24 hours after the last training session, employee / organizational relationships including social cohesion in the organization and social dependence of working life were measured. Data were analyzed using Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, independent and dependent t-test (p≥0.05).
There was a significant difference in social cohesion changes in pretest and posttest control group (p = 0.15) and (p = 0.69); social dependency of working group (p = 0.46) and (31) No p = 0). Results also showed that there was no significant difference in social cohesion of organization (p = 0.79) and social dependency of working life (p = 0.20) in control and experimental groups.
It seems that the exercise protocol of this study is not effective in improving the staff / organizational relationships of physicians and in order to achieve the desired results, it is necessary to increase the number of sessions and the duration of the training period more than two months. In addition, it is recommended that other exercise activities be used alongside resistance training.