The Relationship between Participation Motivation in Public Sports and Social Physical Anxiety on Girl Students of Khansar Universities
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Physical Education, Literature and Humanities, University of Qom, Qom City, Iran
One of the concerns of people in social encounters about their bodies is social physical anxiety that people experience it when they are concerned about others' evaluations of their bodies.
The overall purpose of the present study was to determine the relationship between participation in public sport and social physical anxiety on female students of Khansar’s universities.
The method of the present study is based on purpose and purpose of the research and in term of data collection, a descriptive-correlational survey study that was conducted using a questionnaire. The population of this study was the whole girl students of Khansar’s universities (state, Payame noor, Azad) in the academic year 97-98. Using Morgan’s table 317 people were selected as sample that 254 questionnaires were analyzed in present study. The sampling method was random simple sampling. Data were gathered by a social physique anxiety questionnaire (Molt, R.W. and Conroy, D.E. 2000) and Participation motivation sport for all (Hong Yong-lin, 2010). In order to analyze the data Pearson correlation coefficient were used.
Results: The findings showed that participation motivation recreational sport has high rate but social physical anxiety has low rate. Furthermore, there is a negative significant relation between the motivation for recreational sport participation and social physical anxiety (p=0.001, r=-0.268). The participation motivation sport for all (β=0.814) is the significant anticipator in sport.

Considering that the motivation for participation in sports for all reduces social physical anxiety, it is suggested that university officials in Khansar city identify the motivations for sport participation by submitting a questionnaire during student registration, and hereby use necessary guidelines to control their social anxiety.