Validity and Reliability of “Chaboki Afza” Researcher made Instrument

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1Master in Sport Biomechanics, Physical Education and Sport Sciences Faculty, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran
2Full Professor in Sport Biomechanics, Physical Education and Sport Sciences Faculty, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran
Introduction and Objective: Although many sports require fast actions, change of direction in proper time, and adequate agility and quickness, there is no specific agility tests for assessing the specific movements for different sports. The main objective of this study was to determine the validity and reliability researcher made Instrument called “Chaboki Afza”. Research Method: In this experimental research design, with validation and reliability study model, classified in applied research type, 10 young healthy volunteered individuals participateed. The tests were performed by two examiners. All tests executed in the same conditions. To evaluate the validity of instrument, data gathered from instrument and functional tests (T test and Illinoise test), t test are applied. Furthermore, to evaluate the reliability of instrument, Inter-Intra Class Correlation (ICC) were used. Findings: As the reliability of research were evaluated by correlation coefficient, the positive meaningful correlation were found in all three repetitions of experiments between the custom-made instrument and Illinois field test with the confidence limit of 95% (α=0.05). Meanwhile, there was no significant between T-test and the proposed instrument’s tests. The achieved results of instrument in this research revealed reliability in its measurements. Conclusion: Due to the research results, on agility evaluation of the researcher-made device and its validity and reliability, this instrument recommended to be used. Possibility of designing new agility tests allow coaches and athletic trainers to evaluate players’ athletic condition and training effectiveness. Also it can be used as a laboratory equipment to evaluate a variety of field tests, plus possibly detect talented individuals in various sports.