Relationship between Goal Orientation and Perceived Motivational Climate in Female National Handball Team Players.

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1shahid rajai university. Tehran. Iran
2Nasibeh compus, Farhangian university, Tehran. Iran
3Tabriz university, Tabriz. Iran
as you know motivational climate could have a constant and permanent influence on people’s goal orientation for a long time.
The aim of this study was investigating the relationship between goal orientation and perceived motivational climate in female national handball team players.
The research was applied in terms of purpose and descriptive in terms of tools and 26 female national handball team players (20-23 years old) were our available study sample and were selected randomly. In order to collect our information, we used two goal orientation and perceived motivational climate questionnaires. Their internal validity based on Cronbach's alpha were 0/736 and 0/679 respectively.
To examine the relationship between goal orientation and perceived motivational climate indexes in sport, Pearson correlation coefficient was used in 0.01 significant level. According to the results, the correlation coefficient between goal orientation indexes and perceived motivational climate in sport was 0/672. Discussion: So, we found a positive and significant correlation between goal orientation and perceived motivational climate indexes. It means that athlete's perceived motivational climate) domination and performance (displays the role of environmental climates, especially coach’s performance in improvement both ego and task orientation (goal orientation). in the other hand, in task orientation motivational climate, athletes spend more effort and effort in difficult situations and were more resistant .In contrast, in orientation motivational climate, desire situation and physical competency are considered in self-confidence and improvement, which means that individuals are more likely to rely on their own abilities as the performance climate increases.