Causes and prevalence of lower extremity injuries in exercise

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1Imam Ali Safadasht Of Physical Education
2Physical Education of Tehran Azad university center
Injuries to sport activities are inevitable which in addition to material damage can sometimes lead to end of athletic life . so this issue needs further investigation to reduce sport injuries.
The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence and causes of lower extremity injuries in athletes .
Research methodology : The method of gathering information in this article was through library studies , searching internet resources and reviewing related articles .
As result of our research we came to these conclusions: various studies have shown that a large percentage of people who practice sports suffer injuries. It has also been shown in many studies that the most common injury is in the lower extremities in most sports . In Futsal , football , Basketball and Handball , the most injuries, occur in the lower extremity . There is also a significant relationship between lack body warming and lower extremity injury Research on Futsalist girls has shown that the most common injury where the knee was the most injured organ . A study of Basketball players has shown that the most injury was lower extremity. Most of these injuries were mild .According to research the most severe of injuries occur at the knee and most damage to the ankle occur . Research on major causes of lower limbs injuries in physical collision with each other , inadequate physical fitness and the inadequate of the flooring is sport places.
According to various studies ,In most sports ,the most common injury was lower extremity injury . Most common causes of injury were lack of proper warming and lack of physical fitness and lack of attention to safety , which requires coaches and players to reduce injuries and use appropriate facilities , as well as lack of standard equipment . Non – standard sport places and facilities was another reason that sport managers should pay attention to these and not risk athletes’ health .