The effect of aerobic exercise on perceived physical fitness and Social efficiency among young girls

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Paper ID : 1416-12THCONG
1MSc student of motor behavior, Sport Sciences Faculty, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran
2Assistant Professor Department of Motor Behavior, Sport Sciences Faculty, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran
Human psyche is directly affected by his physical and physical condition, and is the return of the human body and the actions of organs affected by the mental and environment. Participation in bodily activity can make changes in the perceptual itself that play an important role to achieve good personal behavior and social skill. The purpose of the present study is to study the effect of aerobic exercise on physical fitness and social competence among sixth - grade girls.
This study was semi empirical type with pre - test and post test design with two experimental groups that have been done in field. The statistical population of this study consists of 6th grade secondary students of Tabriz city, which 60 students were selected from sixth - grade girls (60 persons). Then research participants were randomly grouped into two groups of 30 that both were completed pre test and post test (perceived physical fitness) and (Social Efficiency Felner). The aerobics training group did 12 sessions (6 weeks, two sessions per week) While the control group had no sports activity at the same time. To analyze difference between the two groups in the research dependent variables was used to mixed ANOVA in the significance level, 0.05 with SPSS software.
the results showed that there is a significant difference between social competence (P=0.0001) but there is no significant difference in the perceived body readiness (P=0.793). Therefore aerobic exercise improves the social competence of adolescent girls but perceived bodily readiness tends to decrease due to involvement in sport activity and understanding the real capability of physical fitness. Physical activity and exercise can enhance social competence and besides social factors, it can lead to a genuine and optimal perceptual phenomenon, because it is self - conscious of the most important qualities of physical and mental health.