Investigating the Relationship between Social Capital and Organizational Structure in the Physical Education Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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1Assistant Professor at K. N. Toosi University of Technology
2Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University
Organizational structure determines the rules, roles, and responsibilities of organization. Social capital is the core of organizations; Managers who can generate and develop more social capital in relation to society are considered successful. Purpose of the present study was to predict social capital through organizational structure in sport Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The research method of the study is survey and field research. Statistical population consists of all male and female employees of sport organization with about 700 people. The sample consist of 295 persons who randomly selected. Two questionnaires used as research tools: researcher-made social capital and Sachin-Morris organizational structure questionnaire. Face and content validity of the final questionnaire confirmed by 10 experts. Reliability of the questionnaire confirmed through a pilot study with 30 members with Cronbach's alpha coefficient (α = 0.87). Univariate regression with SPSS software version 22 used to analysis data. Results showed that four dimensions of social capital and social capital significantly correlated with organizational structure. The Highest correlation showed in the dimensions of organizational trust (0.72, p= 0.01). Two least correlation found in dimensions of organizational citizenship (0.29, p=0.01), organizational participation (0.28, p=0.01).In other word trust is the main dimension of social capital which can be determined through organizational structure. as a result of administrative bureaucracy and transparency. It is suggested that more attention paid to the clarification of administrative processes, and to the short- and long-term organizational goals, in order to enhance the level of social capital in the sport organization.