The Effect of a Mindfulness Programe on Mental Toughness and Emotional Intelligence of Beginner Basketballist Boys
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1Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch of Tehran
2Psychology, Clinical Psychology,Payam-E-Noor University
3Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Humanities,Islamic Azad University Science and Research Tehran Branch
4Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Payam Noor, Tehran.
Sport knowledge has made significant progress, so that not only are the characteristics necessary for an athlete to be physically fit and self-sufficient, but they must also add to their personal characteristics and psychological skills so that the athlete can achieve them and Improving those skills will be a testament to your success. The aim of this study was to survey the effect of mindfulness intervention on athlete’s mental toughness and emotional intelligence between youth basketballists. This research was an experimental study. Pretest and posttest plan was formed with control group. The statistical population of this study was all men played basketball in Tehran. The sample was region 11 basketballists that selected conveniencely and placed in two groups (test and control) randomly. Although both of two groups were balanced based based on age, gender and education. The instruments of this study were Thaynot and et al sport mindfulness test (2014), Lahn and et al emotional intelligence questionnaire (2009) and Klaf and et al mental toughness questionnaire (2002). Both two group answered the questionnaire before and after mindfulness education. Data analyzed by SPSS 21 sofware and to analyze of data used K-S and Shapiro Wilks test, Leven test and Covariance test. The results showed that there was a significant difference in mindfulness, mental toughness and emotional intelligence between two groups it means that after teaching, the results showed a significant increasing in mental toughness and emotional intelligence among basketballists. Based on this results mindfulness teaching led to mental toughness and emotional intelligence increasing in this individual.