Identification and Analysis of Critical Factors in Women's Sport

Oral Presentation
Paper ID : 1393-12THCONG
1Najaf Abad Physical Education Teacher, Esfahan, Iran
2Full Professor of Payam Noor University of Tehran
Crisis has become an integral and natural part of the lives of organizations and societies today. Crises are no longer considered to be an unusual, rare, and accidental feature of the international community, but rather have penetrated the fabric of modern societies. Therefore, the overall purpose of the present study was to identify and analysis of critical factors in women's sport.
The statistical population of this study includes sports management experts and researchers in this field including:Academic staff with the rank of professor,Ministry of Sport and Youth officials(Managers at least managerial level of General Administration and Deputy Minister and experts with at least 5 years experience Labor),Chairman and Vice President of Federations,officials of the National Olympic Committee and Academy(Director and Expert with at least 5 years of experience),Provincial General Officers(Heads of Departments and Experts of at least 5 years of experience),Chairman and Vice-President of Sports Offices of Provinces General Offices with Minimum 5 Years of Experience,Referees and Coaches(Grade 1)and Women Vars Professional and public hunting at Championship level and with a minimum of 10 years experience.According to the survey of these reputable organs and websites,the statistical population was 600 and the sample was estimated to be 237 according to Morgan's table.Quantitative and quantitative methods were used to collect the research data.In the qualitative section,using the Delphi method, a list of crises in Iranian women's sports was prepared and a researcher-made questionnaire based on the five-point Likert scale was prepared.The face and content validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by 15 sports management experts.The construct validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by factor analysis and its reliability in a pilot study with 30 subjects with Cronbach's alpha was 0.74. Then,descriptive statistics, frequency table and inferential statistical methods such as Kolmogorov-Smirnov and exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis were used to analyze the quantitative data collected with the help of AMOS and SPSS software.
The results identified 7 critical factors in women's sport.Priority factors that lead to crisis in women's sports include: international issues,human resources,cultural-social issues,managerial,financial,infrastructure,and media issues.