E-Sports: Motivation Sources of Computer Games
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Bolu Abant ─░zzet Baysal University Faculty of Communication
Today, computer games have become the most important tools around the world to spend free time. Gaming habits that have changed along with technology affected especially the Y and Z generations. Nowadays, computer games, which are becoming more widespread among the younger generation, are played in a professional manner and started to be classified as a “sports” branch. Due to the rapid development of information technology, computer games are played widely by every age group since the 1980’s. This study aimed to present the motives for the players who play computer games. In this context, Computer Gaming Motivation Scale developed by Munusturlar and Munusturlar (2017) was applied to 213 undergraduate students attending Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University and Düzce University. After the factor analysis, the 17-item scale was found to include 3 factors: “entertainment”, “benefit“and “escape”. T-test and One-Way Variance Analysis (ANOVA) were applied to the data. Results show that that as playing time increased, participants’ motivation for entertainment, escaping from the real world and benefit increased. The analysis performed according to participants’ demographic characteristics demonstrated that participants who had long-term gaming experiences had higher motivation for entertainment, escaping from the real world and benefit. Computer games are also addictive. It is not a solution to overcome this addiction with prohibitive methods for children and young people. Today’s movement-based sports concept is rapidly leaving its place to computer-based games. In this context, academic units should be established in order to investigate e-sports in various aspects.
Key words: Computer games, games, motivation.