Effect of mindful Meditation on the mindfulness' state, flow state and sport performance

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1Assistant professor of sport psychology, Sport Sciences Research Institute of Iran
2Sport Sciences Research Institute of Iran
The optimal performance of athletic depends on at least three types of physical, skill, and mental fitness. The gap between the athlete has been greatly reduced, and it seems that the difference in the performance of the champion is more than ever related to their mental readiness and mental skills have been added to the programs to help improve athletes' performance.
The purpose of this study was to investigate; the effect of mindful Meditation on the mindfulness' state, flow state and performance in table tennis athletes. 30 table tennis players were selected as samples and divided into experimental and control groups randomly. The mindfulness, flow State Scale and sport performance test were used to collect the data. The experimental group was subjected to Mindfulness training for six weeks, based on the Mindfulness-Awareness protocols under guidance of the researcher. At the end of the last session and also to follow up the effect of the mindfulness training (after three months), the groups again answered the questionnaires.
The variance analysis with repeated measurements was used to compare the variables in two group's measure for three times.
The results showed that the scores of individuals globally were significantly improved in the mindfulness' status, flow state and performance in the three stages before, after and follow up in the experimental group. The findings Also showed that in all subscales of mindfulness (awareness, refocusing and non-judgment) and in all subscales of flow (Challenge-skill balance Action-awareness merging, Clear goals, Concentration, Sense control, Unambiguous feedback, Loss self-consciousness, Time transformation, Autotelic experience) at P≤0.05 the changes were significantly improved.
It is concluded that as the mindfulness meditation has effects on mindfulness' state, flow state and sport performance, and it can be used beside the other psychological interventions for developing athlete performance.