The effects of a series of selected body exercise on fingers movement speed, precision and coordination of educable mentally retarded children
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1Master of Motor Behavior, Motor behavior group, College of Physical Education, University of Bu Ali Hamedan, Hamedan, Iran.
2Assistant Professor of Motor Behavior, Department of Motor Behavior and Sport Management, Faculty of Physical Education, Urmia University, Urmia, Iran
Between 1-2 percent of the country's population is made of people with intellectual disabilities, that their main characteristic is the deficiency of mental abilities. In mentally retarded children, there is no proper relationship between perception and movement during the developmental process, especially in sensitive periods. Since these abilities are affected by inheritance and environment in different proportions, however it cannot be ignored the effect of exercise and training of motor skills, especially in childhood. So the goal of present study is to determine the effect of a periodic Britonic exercise on these three factors in educable mentally retarded children.
The method of present study was quasi-experimental and the sample was included of 30 male students of 7-10 years old educable mentally retarded of Omid school of Aran & Bidgol city which is located in Isfahan province. They were divided randomly in two same groups: control (15 person) and experimental (15 person), after they were matched based on chronological age, IQ and pre-exam grades. Britonic exercises were done for 8 weeks, 3 sessions per week, each one 60 minutes. . It was used of Lincoln– Oseretsky test to examine fingers movement speed, precision and movement coordination.
The findings showed that there are not any significant differences between control and experimental groups in pre-test; whereas experimental group done significantly better than control group in past-test; so as the selected exercises create significant changes in examine fingers movement speed, precision and movement coordination in experimental group.
So we can improve fingers movement speed, precision and movement coordination of educable mentally retarded children with designing Britonc exercise program.