Relationship between physical activity level, nutritional status and sedentary behavior of adolescent girl students in Rasht

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1Faculty of Physical Education of Mazandaran University
Nutrition and physical activity-related habits as well as preventive strategies to reduce adolescent obesity, better insight into adolescents' nutrition and physical activity interactions seems necessary. For this purpose, 400 students from the age group of 13-17 years from primary and secondary schools participated in the present study. Sampling was done in two stages: first, cluster sampling, randomized sampling. Weight, weight, WHR and body mass index. The subjects were 157.14 18 18.81 cm respectively And 56.72 17 17.42 kg and 0.96 13 0.13 cm subway 21.70 16 4.16 kg / m2. Information on physical activity and nutritional status were collected through demographic questionnaire, Beck physical activity and 24-hour dietary recall questionnaire. Spearman correlation coefficient and Kruskal-Wallis test were used for data analysis. Results showed that there was a significant relationship between average physical activity level with television viewing (P≥0.05) and between body mass index and nutritional status. (P≥0.05 and r = 0.52), on the one hand, the relationship between physical activity level and nutritional status (r = -0.002) and television viewing hours (r = 0.005) The results also showed that the nutritional status of the subjects was similar at low, medium and high levels of Benny's activity. There was no difference between the hours of watching television at different times. The results also showed that between nutritional status, body mass index and television viewing There was no significant difference between the different age groups. Therefore, it can be concluded that with increasing parents' calorie intake and nutrient intake, adolescent body mass index and overweight and obesity are advancing. Also, given the association between television viewing hours and activity levels Physically, it looks like control desk Hours of watching television as a sedentary behavior result in the associated benefits of doing physical activity.