Effect and Durability of Eight-Week of Core Stability Training on Body balance and Force of Direct foot kick in Young Men Jeet Kune Do (Wushu) Players with Somatotype emphasis

Poster Presentation
Paper ID : 1321-12THCONG
1Ph.D student of Sport Biomechanics in Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch
2Full Professor, Sport Biomechanics and Injury Department, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran
Since direct foot kick is one of the most important strikes in Jeet Kune Do, its effectiveness depends on both the force of the hit and balance control during and after the hit execution, this study undertaken to examine the effect and persistence of eight-week of core stability training on balance and force of a direct foot kick of elite young male Jeet Kune Do (Wushu) athletes.
24 elite young Jeet Kune Do athletes were randomly assigned to an experimental and a control groups. The experimental group performed the core stability training program for eight consecutive weeks. Static (stork test), dynamic test (tandem test) and force of a direct foot kick of the athletes in both groups were measured in three stages including before, after (eight weeks of core stability training) and a 4-week follow-up detraining period.
Analysis of variance with repeated measures and Bonferroni post hoc test results showed that core stability training had a significant and persistent effect on static and dynamic balance. However, the training program had no significant effect on the force production of a direct foot kick after a 4-week of detraining period.
Due to results. it seems that the core stability training program improves the neuromuscular system function by strengthening the muscles of the core area. This in turn prevents the dislocation of the center of gravity outside the base of support and decreases its oscillation (displacement), therefore, as a result of persistence effect of the program, balance ability and direct kicking power improves. Indeed, core stability training recommended to be used along the regular training programs to improve power of direct kick, static and dynamic balance skills of these athletes.