the role of Native and local sports In Sustainable Social Development

Poster Presentation
Paper ID : 1314-12THCONG
1Ph.D in sport Management, Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah Branch
2MSc in Clinical Psychology, official staff of Ministry of Sport and Youth
3MSc in Accounting and Deputy Culture and Youth Affairs in General Directorate of Youth and Sports Ilam
4PhD Student of Sport Management, Sanandaj University, Expert of Ministry of Sport
Native-local games have an inexhaustible treasure trove of all factors of fitness and rainbow of pure Iranian culture. Thus, indigenous-local games can play a special role as cultural and social objects in shaping the indigenous favorite subcultures and transferring them to the new generation, but the role of community development has so far not been explored. The purpose of this study was to investigate the role of indigenous and local sports in social development of Ilam province.
The statistical population of this study was experts and experts of the Ministry of Sport and Youth in the field of indigenous and local sports. The sampling method in this research is qualitative research sampling and using purposeful sampling and snowball sampling and theoretical saturation index were selected from the research population. Semi-structured interviews were used to collect data. Finally, after reaching the theoretical saturation, the necessary data were collected and analyzed by interviewing 12 qualified experts and experts.
The data collected after the continuous comparison process of open, axial and selective coding and data were organized into 120 basic codes, 78 concepts, 26 categories and 13 categories. Finally, the results of data analysis were collected.
Discussion and conclusion of the present study are causal conditions (lifestyle and cultural flourishing), pivotal categories (socialization, mobility and social activity, social cohesion), contextual conditions (postmodernism, media and communication), intervening conditions (environmental barriers, individual barriers). Strategy (education, competition) and consequence (social policy and development and growth) were identified as important parts of the impact of indigenous and local sports on the social development of Ilam province, focusing on identified cases and their implementation in Ilam province. Due to its cultural features and richness, it can be a leading province in the field of development and play through traditional and indigenous games. B becomes their identity.