The Effects of Marketing Knowledge Management and Innovation on the Competitive Advantages in the Iranian Sport Market
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1Azad University of yadegar imam
2Ph.D. Student of Sport Management, University of Tabriz, Iran
3Graduated in business management from yadegar imam University
Today's sports markets are highly competitive; in such competitive markets, marketing knowledge as an important competitive advantage can play a key role in the success and decline of businesses. On the other hand, if there is no innovation and creativity, there is no market competition and survival.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of marketing knowledge management on competitive advantage by considering the mediating role of innovation capability in Tehran sport shops as a model.

The research method is descriptive-analytical and structural equation analysis. The statistical population of this study consisted of sport stores in Tehran, among which 141 vendors were selected as available sampling. ) And the Competitive Mesiot of Dystont and Khangmalai (2018) were collected. The reliability of the questionnaire was assessed by Cronbach's alpha coefficient and its validity was confirmed by professors of business management and sport management. To test the research hypotheses, structural equation modeling was performed using SPSS and PLS software.

The results showed that marketing knowledge management had a positive and significant effect on innovation capability and competitive advantage. Innovation capability also has a significant and positive impact on competitive advantage.

Based on the findings of the study, it is recommended for business owners and sports shops to identify and respond to the hidden needs and environmental changes of the market in the field of marketing and try to provide superior customer service and care. Be pioneering in their demands and complaints and show good performance in providing low-cost services, better advertising, image and branding. And be innovative in predicting, setting new standards, and gaining competitive advantage, and innovating in the distribution capabilities of goods and services in new distribution channels such as social media.