Research on the development of women's sports and strategies

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Life in today's world has taken the rapid initiative of human beings and made them poor, and this motor poverty has created many physical, psychological and social problems for humans. Women have long been exposed to many social problems. One of the problems is the lack of opportunity and opportunity to practice sports in the not-so-distant history. Women with a unique body structure and a special social status are more prone to the trauma caused by inactivity. Sport as a strategic solution is of great importance to women in the community, and over the past decade women's sport has become increasingly popular and the number of female athletes participating and competing in sporting events is constantly growing. Therefore, the present study seeks to investigate the development of women's sport and its strategies.
The purpose of this study is to analyze and evaluate the theoretical foundations and studies, which can generally be described as descriptive and review studies.
The results of the study indicate that cultural, political, social, sport, and health authorities of the community as one of the important tools can help the development of women's sport in the society and besides these factors, the need for financial resources for the development and development of women's sport. It is of considerable importance.
To promote women's sports, such as providing adequate space for equipment for expanding women's sports activities, holding more women's competitions, monthly and weekly planning for women's sports and so on. Policymakers and planners can place a special place on women's sports in their programs to increase women's motivation and participate more in sports and sports activities.