Effect of Whey Isolate Supplementation on Some Indices of Muscles Damage in Bodybuilding Men After a Resistance Exercise Session

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1deprtment of sport science,university of qom,qom,iran
2University of Qom
During intense physical activity, the person is exposed to many physical stresses that cause muscle damage. This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of Whey Isolate supplementation on some muscle damage indices after a session of severe resistance activity in bodybuilders.
This quasi-experimental study was performed on 20 young bodybuilders with a mean age of 20.07 ± 42.54, height 181.62 ± 3.27 kg, weight 84.93 ± 9.04 kg which were selected voluntarily and purposefully. Subjects were randomly assigned into two groups: homogeneous, experimental group receiving supplemental Whey Isolate (90 g per day for 6 weeks) and control group (90 g of starch). At the first session, after the physical and anthropometric measurements, the first blood samples were collected from the venous vein, then they were followed by a severe resistance training, which was considered as the first pretest. Supplemented with Whey isolate (90 g daily for 6 weeks) and semi-medicated for athletes for six weeks. Peripheral blood samples (4 mL) for serum preparation and examination of the research variables during the four stages, from the antecubital vein. Became LDH, CK and IL6 factors were measured by flow cytometry method using specific kits.
The results of experimental within-group investigations in post-test 1 to post-test 2, where supplemental variables were applied, indicate that LDH levels in the experimental group increased after a period of supplementation with the isolate. However, this increase was not significantly different with the control group. There was no significant difference in CK values in any of the stages. In the post-test phase 1, post-test 2 showed an increase in IL6. At this stage, the complementary variable not only does not reduce serum IL6 levels, but also increases.
The use of a supplement of Whey Isolate doesn’t have a significant effect on the improvement of bodybuilding muscle damage. Athletes are highly susceptible to muscular injury by participating in intense physical activity, and based on the results of this study, the use of supplemental whey isolate in intervals there was no significant effect on the dose of 90 grams at 6 weeks.