The Impact of Physical Activity on Elderly Mental Disorders: A Review Article

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1Faculty member of Imam Reza University
2Msc Student
Nowadays aging and its consequences are very important, as several researches have
shown that growth rate of elderly people will be significantly high in all nations, furthermore it is vital to
conduct researches about mental-physical health of elderly people. In these researches, it has been tried to
mention mental disorders in elderly people and their associations to physical activities. Method: To do this research for accessing Latin articles from the articles of Semantic scholar
database and Google scholar from 2010 to 2019 with the help of keywords like elderly, mental
disorders, depression, physical activity were discussed, and for accessing Persian articles from Noormex
database, Magiran and Scientific Information database was from 1977 to 2002 with Keyword: physical
activity, mental disorder, elderly, depression, anxiety had been utilized. Finally, 80 articles were
obtained and analyzed. Findings : According to obtained articles, physical activity decreases not only mental disorders but also
has positive influence on weight loss, sleep quality, life span, mental-physical health, static-dynamic
balance, walking speed, mobility, life quality, muscular strength and self-esteem. Conclusion : Aging is a delicate period, therefore paying attention to issues and demands of aging is a
social requirement. Today, physical activity is one of the most effective ways to prevent elderly mental
disorders, this helps old people to experience healthy and have better life. According to study results,
selecting new social responsibilities, sharing experiences, narration therapy, regular physical activities,
using abilities and developing new activities are some of duties which fill entertainment gaps for old
people. These activities decrease mental disorders and depression in these people.