Developing a model of legal policy in Developing a model of legal policy in advertising endorsement sports celebrity in Iran endorsement sports celebrity in Iran

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1Allameh Tabatabae'i University
2Allame Tabatabaei University
The purpose of this study was to development a legal policy making model for endorsement advertising of Iranian sport celebrities. One of the major roles of sovereign governmental agencies such as ministries is policy making for subordinate organizations. Endorsement advertising sport celebrities in the country is lack of its own specific law and the existing cognitive and legal vacuum led to failing to achieve goals. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to identify legal policy indicators in endorsement advertising and the role and influence of each of them in the development of a endorsement advertising policy making legal model. The research was development in terms of purpose and combinatorial (qualitative -quantitative) in terms of methodology, in which the data-foundation approach of Glazer was used. The research instrument was a researcher-made interview and questionnaire. The quantitative and qualitative section of research community included sport law experts, advertises, policy making and sport managing with uncertain volume. In the interview section, 15 experts were selected purposefully and subjected to a profound semi-structured interview. The quality of the findings was confirmed by re-encoding some of data. The series of encodings carried out along with a mass notes of researcher showed that some legal factors include codification, endorsement Advertising, codification of intellectual property law, and marketing law are hide. The results of this research can provide a platform for legal policy-making of sport celebrities of the country, drafting the rules of endorsement advertising for sport celebrities and promoting the indicators of country's endorsement advertising.